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On August 26th, 2016, the Political Bureau of the Communist Party of China Central Committee reviewed and approved the plan for a Healthy China 2030, the action program of promoting the building of Healthy China in next 15 years. Experts pointed out, along with the implementation of Health China strategy, widening market access in China, encouraging social capital and foreign capital to invest health service industry with diversified forms and encouragement of accelerating the implementation of same policies of social security designated hospitalsandspecialty development, health service industry will obtain an unprecedented expansion of space. Meanwhile, develop the spirit of National Health Service System plan (2015-2020)and Notice of Several Policies and Measures on Promoting Social Medical to Accelerate Development, study and discuss ofdeveloping megatrend of social medical, investment and financing strategy and practices of social medical and operation practice management of non-government medical institutions, hold the development opportunities of internet + healthcare; and build diversified medical service pattern and play functions of non-government medical on providing diversified multi-layers medical service in the process of deepening medical reform of China.


According to statistics conducted by authorities, there have been over 220, 000 Non-government medical institutions including all kinds of specialized hospitals and general hospital of all levels andthird-party auxiliary medical institutions including clinics, physical examination organizations, inspection centers and imaging centers, high-end medical institutions, rehabilitation and health management institutions and newly-developing institutions based on internet. Among them, as of 2015, the proportion of Non-government hospitals was 51% of all hospitals, surpassing public hospitals for the first time. A medical service pattern with differentiation, multi-layers and diversification had been formed initially. Moreover, only around 570 million persons went to private hospitals for diagnosis and treatment in 2015. Compared with the number of 2.71 billion of public hospitals, there was still big gap. To achieve set targets, on one hand, beds and institution quantity of private hospitals shall be increased; on the other hand, the usage rate of beds shall be improved (in private hospitals, it is only 62.8%). Newly demands of medicalinformatization construction correspond to the former. The latter also needs to improve integral competitiveness through strengthening medical informatization construction. At the background of constant improvement of industry securitization ratio, the joining of social capital assists medical informatization construction furtherly.


However, we also found that medical service capacity including outpatient service, emergency service and inpatient service accounted for less than 15% of nationwide hospitals, which is still far from the target of “proportion of Chinese citizen medical service provided by social medical institutions aiming to reach 30% by 2010”, which was proposed by the State of Council. It still needs to remove various kinds of systems and mechanisms binding the development of non-government medical institutions. Where is the future investment opportunity of Chinese non-government medical market? How to improve medical quality and specialty construction of Chinese private hospitals at the background of new medical reform? How to solve difficulties of private hospitals on talent cultivation and introduction? What opportunities and challenges will precision medicine bring to private hospitals? How to innovate investment and financing model of social medical? All these hot topics related with future development of Chinese non-government medical will be answered in 2016 China Non-government Medical Innovation International Summit. We look forward to meeting you in Shanghai, and talk about the future of Chinesenon-government medical career together!

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Summit Agenda
  • 09:00 – 12:00, December 8th, "Healthy China 2030", next focus of Non-government medical?

    Opportunities and challenges of Chinese non-government medical market at the background of “Healthy China 2030”
    Practice and development of public hospital reformand medical service
    Space and responsibilities of social medical
    Emphasis points of differentiation of private medical
    How to solve difficulties of private hospitals on talent cultivation and introduction?
    How to improve medical quality and brand specialty construction of private hospitals?
    Operating strategies at the background of new medical reform
    How to realize internet grading diagnosis?
    Current status, challenges and future development trends of doctor groups
    Model innovation of high-end medical service
  • 13:00 – 17:00, December 8th, Informatization Construction& Equipment Development of Private Hospitals in the Age of Internet+

    Construction and application of hospital data center platform
    Application of healthy internet of things
    Practice and outlook of informatization construction of private hospitals
    How to improve medical imaging service ability of primary medical institutions
    IT assists construction of grading diagnosis
    Management practices of hospital informatization construction centered on electronic medical record
    Tele-medicine on new internet platforms
    Medical safety management of non-government medical institutions
    Development and application of VR technology (artificial intelligence) in private medical
  • 09:00 – 12:00, December 9th, Precision MedicineIs New Overtaking Opportunity of Private Hospitals

    Development trend & future direction of precision medicine in China
    Opportunities& challenges of private hospitals brought by precision medicine
    Gene big data & precision medicine
    Research & application of big data of medical health in the age of precision medicine
    Gene sequencing& precision medicine
    Precision medicine guided by system medicine
    Precision medicine & noninvasive tumor diagnosis
    Future development of stem cell biomedical technology
  • 13: 00 – 16:30, December 9th,Transboundary& Integration – Capital Assists Fast Development of Non-governmentMedical

    Investment opportunities of Chinese non-government medical institutions in the age of Internet+
    Investment, M&A opportunities of overseas medical
    How to choose high-quality private medical programs?
    Investment & financing model innovation of social medical
    Practice and exploration of PPP model
    M&A integration of private medical
    Investment focuses in the age of precision medicine
Please note: The conference organizers claim to the contents and time schedule based on the facts and to adjust and modify the final interpretation of the reservation.
Summit Guests
Invited honored guests (listed in no particular order)
  • Sun Chao

    New vision ventures founding partner

    Su Qingcan

    Vice President, the Alliance of Chinese Private Hospital Development

    Yao Jianhong

    Deputy Director, Department of Structural Reform, NHFPC

    Ying Yazhen

    Researcher, China National Health Development Research Center

    Xu Su

    Deputy Director of Shanghai Medical Reform Office, Shanghai Municipal Commission of Health and Family Planning

    Hao Deming

    Vice President & Secretary General, Chinese Non-government Medical Institutions Association

    Ding Jian

    Chinese Academy of Sciences Shanghai Institute of Materia Medica, Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering

    Lin Dongxin

    Department of Cancer Cause &Carcinogenesis of Cancer Hospital Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering

    Cai Jiangnan

    Director of Healthcare Management and Policy Center, CEIBS

    Mao Tongfeng

    Secretary General, CHDRA

  • Yan Dongfang

    Standing Vice Chairman, Shanghai Association for Non-government Medical Institutions

    Wu Wenwei

    Secretary General, Shanghai Health Internet of Things Alliance

    Yang Jianchun

    Executive President, Wuzhen Internet Hospital

    Zhao Jun

    Vice President, Jiangsu Province Hospital

    Dong Jun

    Vice President, Teda International Cardiovascular Hospital

    Xia Jiahong

    President, the Central Hospital of Wuhan

    Yu Zhenkun

    President,Nanjing Tongren Hospital

    Deng Fang

    Professor, Anhui Provincial Cancer Hospital

    Ye Hong

    GM, Wuhan Asia Cardiac hospital

    Bai Chengliang

    GM, Shanghai Peace Eye Hospital

  • Wang Yangkuo

    Vice President, Anhui Jimin Cancer Hospital

    Zhang Huiqin

    President, Shanghai WenjieNursing Home

    Zhang Yang

    President, Sanbo Brain Hospital

    Sun Taiming

    President, Shanghai Humanity Hospital

    Wang Zhifeng

    GM, Xi’an Gaoxin Hospital

    Chen Bang

    Chairman, Aier EYE Hospital Group

    Tong Yongqiang

    Vice President, Shanghai Blue Cross Brain Hospital

    Xiao Mingdi

    President, Shanghai Yodak Cardiothoracic Hospital

    He Wei

    President,He Eye Hospital

    Liu Feng

    President,Suzhou Kowloon Hospital Jiao Tong University School of Medicine

  • Guo Yue

    President,Shanghai Renji Group

    Li Datao


    Fan Shaofei

    Chairman,Wanjia Clinic of PiangAn Group

    Lu Shiwei

    Vice President of Healthcare Department, United Family Healthcare

    Jiang Tianfan

    Director & CFO, Phoenix Healthcare Group

    Zhang Qiang

    Founder, Dr. Smile Medical Group

    Martin Shen


    Su Shu


    Song Donglei

    Founder,Brain Doctor Group

    Dr.Paul Limburg

    CEO of Business Dept. & Director of Medical Dept., Mayo Clinic

  • Richard Daniels

    Kaiser medical group in the United States, executive vice President and chief information officer

    David Madhu

    Director of Outpatient Dept., France Valois Hospital

    He Jingyi

    Associate Managing Partner, McKinsey & Company

    Li Dajun

    Deputy Director, Research Department of Founder Securities Co., Ltd.

    Luo Yongqing

    Vice President, Shanghai Roche Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

    Yang Hongqiao

    President,Sinldo Information Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd.

    Han Xiaohong

    Founder,Ciming Health Checkup Management Group Co., Ltd.

    Wang Xinglin

    Executive Director, Management & Research Center, HongkongAilibi Hospital

    Lin Tao


    Gong Xiaoming

    Founder,Fengxinzi App

  • Sheng Sitong

    Founder &CTO,HYK Gene, Expert of the Recruitment Program of Global Experts

    Sun Yi

    Director of Stem Cell Research Center, Tongji University School of Medicine, Expert of the Recruitment Program of Global Experts

    Zhou Xuan

    Founder of Jiangsu Stem Cell Osdbio Co., Ltd., Expert of the Recruitment Program of Global Experts

    Du Hongbao

    Vice President,BGI


    Deputy Director, Chinese Academy of Sciences Shanghai Institute of Materia Medica

    Yao Yong

    Vice President & GM of IT Business Dept., Neusoft Corporation

    Wang Biao

    Director of Greater China District of Life Sciences Business Dept. and Marketing Dept., GE Healthcare

    Sun Jiaming

    Senior Vice President,Winning Health Technology Group Co.,Ltd

    Wang Jianhua

    CEO, MedicalSystem Company

    Li Guangya

    Vice President, Wanda Information Technology Co., Ltd.

  • Ding Junfeng

    Vice President& COO, Insurance CO.,LTD.

    Chen Qiyu

    President, Fosun Health Holdings

    Wang Yong


    Huang Fanzhi

    Partner, Share Capital

    Wu Ronghui

    Founding Managing Partner, Tendence Capital

    Qian Kun

    Investment Director, MatrixPartners China

    Wang Hui

    Founding Partner, HighLight Capital

    Feng Weidong

    Partner, Chief Investment Officer, Tiantu Capital

    Wang Lin

    Founding Partner, CDH Investments

    Pang Ensheng

    GM of Investment of Medical Industry, Tasly Group

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